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A bit about me,

I'm a 3D artist with a focus on design and animation currently based in San Francisco, CA. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I gravitated towards film and photography. But after an internship at a design studio, I was introduced to the world of motion. For the past 6 years I have been designing in 3D and haven't looked back.

My personal style swings between curated realism and heavily stylized environments, which is often reflected in my client work. Inspiration comes in many forms for me, whether that be editorial, architectural, or experiences from my own life. In my free time I have been exploring real time rendering and procedural animation.

At the moment I am working full time as a 3D Designer at COLOR Creative, but I am always looking for side projects to keep me busy. Let me know if you wanna chat 3D.


Microsoft / Amazon / Xbox / GitHub / Starbucks / PowerA  LucidSounds / Qualtrics / Dell / Columbia Bank

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